Venting element JDAE made of stainless steel
protection for enclosures against condensation water -  JACOB GMBH


Waterproof enclosures with protection grades IP67 or IP68 for outdoor use are not automatically sealed against vapour and humid air. To avoid negative pressure, high humidity and condensation inside the enclosure a continuous Ventilation and pressure equilibrium is necessary. This function can be achieved by using a venting element made by Jacob. Features: - Continuous ventilation and adaptaion on the inner pressure - Hydrophobic and oleophobic PES- membrane - Body from stainless steel 1.4305 - Theoretical air flow through usable surface up to 75 l/h at Delta-p = 0,07 bar - Water entry pressure >= 0,83 bar (dynamic WEP, 30 seconds) - Temperature range -40°C / +100°C - Protection grade IP66 / IP68 - 0,6 bar (60 min.) / IP69



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